Create an Organizations Profile:

You can start using the VolunteerConnector and begin recruiting volunteers right away by following the steps below:

Create a Profile for your Volunteer Organization 

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on VolunteerConnector
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Fill out the quick form. If you don’t have quick access to your charitable registration number just enter “Volunteer Burnaby Member” in the proof of Non-Profit Status field.
  5. Check your email to confirm registration 
  6. Create your password and log onto your Organization Dashboard 
  7. Fill in the Organization Profile
  8. Add Administrators
  9. Once you have created an Organizational Profile, you can begin recruiting Volunteers. To create a Volunteer Posting: 
  10. Go to your Organization Dashboard (if you are not still on it)
  11. Click on ‘Create New Posting’ 
  12. Fill in the volunteer posting template – make sure to check out the tips on the side of the template to create the most attractive posting.
  13. Activate Posting or Click on Publish Later
  14. Wait to hear from interested community members