Volunteer Management Training

New to managing volunteers? Need a refresher? Check out the following VIRTUAL Volunteer Management Training:
Volunteer Burnaby – Volunteer Resources Administration Online Training
Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives – April 20 (virtual) Effective Organizational Leadership for Pandemic Times presented by Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives and Trinity Western  University. Participants will gain an understanding of actionable practices to help their leadership thrive, even in challenging times.

Tuesday, June 21 is National Indigenous People’s Day – an opportunity for all Canadians to reflect, learn, support, and participate in celebrations of Indigenous culture in our communities.

Learning about Indigenous Peoples is a step forward each Canadian can take on the path to reconciliation. Here’s some ideas:

Whatever you do, you are encouraged to use National Indigenous Peoples Day as an opportunity to celebrate Indigenous resiliency, art, achievements, and diversity!

Summer is here!
Summer is the perfect time to volunteer.
Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity this summer ?
Are you an organization hosting summer events and need help?
Start with your local volunteer centre to see what opportunities are available in your community or how you can post a position? 
Check out Volunteer Now – our online volunteer posting and recruitment tool. 

Experts Wanted! Call for Session Proposals 
Our in-person conference is back – October 13  &14 in Richmond. Have a session idea? Submit your proposal idea here by July 30, 2022.
Don’t have a Gmail account? Submit your form using the following steps:

  1. Use your current email to create a google account.
  2. After you create your account, submit the speaker form.

    Questions? Email: hello@volunteerbcacgconference.comStay tuned for conference details – volunteerbcacgconference.com.
Resources, News & More
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June 22 – Provincial Consultation: Volunteer Recruitment and Retention in the Community-based seniors serving (CBSS) Sector – Hosted by United Way. Bring together staff and volunteers from the CBSS to share current effective volunteer recruitment and retention strategies and resources.

Participate in the latest research on BC’s non profit workforce. Vantage Point and SPARC BC received funding to research long-term strategic and sustainable workforce solutions and provide the first new data about BC’s non profit workforce in a decade. Interested in participating? Sign-up here.
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Job Opportunity with VMPC – contractor wanted with experience in marketing, communications, and project management to manage deliverables for a project with Volunteer Canada, Imagine Canada, and the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and to assist the board of directors. Apply by June 30, 2022.

Board Profile

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