Volunteer Burnaby helps organizations and connects people with volunteer opportunities. Ours is a leadership role in advocating for caring communities. We provide individuals and organizations with resources and information, while facilitating the connections between worthy causes and volunteers. You can also help. Resolve to be involved!

Volunteer Burnaby’s Commitment to Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI). Volunteer Burnaby commits to advocate for and advance a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment for our staff and volunteers to better represent and serve the needs of our communities.

Our Mission is to…

“Promote volunteerism as a right and a responsibility of the citizens of Burnaby and New Westminster and facilitate community development through volunteering”

2023 AGM Report

Core Competencies of the Burnaby Volunteer Centre Society

For nearly forty years, Volunteer Burnaby has been enriching the lives of people, building community through volunteering. We function as a key resource for volunteer involvement in Burnaby and New Westminster and the surrounding region by providing services through our four core competencies under the national definition of a Volunteer Centre by Volunteer Canada:

Promote Volunteerism

We promote the value of volunteerism in our communities through volunteer fairs in the local post-secondary institutions, festivals of volunteers in the local malls, volunteer recognition events, and the use of media to increase awareness of community volunteering and volunteerism.

Build Capacity for Local Volunteering

We build capacity in the non-profit sector by offering consultation services and training in volunteer management, fundraising, and board development. To help increase the scope and effectiveness of non-profit organizations, we participate in community events and various local committees.

Connect People to What Matters in Their Community

We connect people with organizations through our database of current volunteer opportunities, maintaining community information through media releases, and personally assisting individuals seeking to be involved in the community.

Provide Leadership on Issues Related to Volunteerism

We advocate on issues related to volunteerism by being an active partner of a network of local, regional, provincial and national organizations such as Volunteer BC and Volunteer Canada. We work to keep focus on volunteerism as a key component of a healthy community.

Volunteer Burnaby Value Statement

Volunteer Burnaby is committed to promoting volunteerism and to providing the residents of Burnaby and New Westminster the opportunity to become involved as volunteers. We believe that all residents should be made to feel welcome to contribute to the betterment of our community.

We believe that Volunteer Burnaby should reflect the community it serves. And, we believe that one of the great benefits of volunteerism is the interaction and mutual cooperation of people who are different from each other, but who share basic qualities which bind us all as human beings. Through communication, cooperation and equal opportunity, we foster mutual understanding, harmony and respect.

As we are committed to furthering these principles, the board and staff are working to write anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies; the following code of ethics expresses Volunteer Burnaby’s commitment to serving the community in all its diversity.

Volunteer Burnaby pledges to respect people in all their diversity.

  • Educate board, staff and volunteers to be open to embrace contributions of all individuals regardless of age, gender, ethnic background, religion, mental or physical ability, or sexual orientation.
  • Support all individuals regardless of age, gender, ethnic background, religion, mental or physical ability, or sexual orientation, in their efforts to contribute to their communities.
  • Promote the benefits of diversity to all those involved with Volunteer Burnaby.
  • Encourage all volunteers of all abilities, ages, backgrounds, and show genuine appreciation and recognition for their unique and valuable work.
  • Courageously speak out against racist or discriminatory behaviours or practices.
  • Trust in the ability of all individuals to work together and enrich each other by their interaction