Volunteer Burnaby team has been exploring various options for how we can improve Govolunteer.ca for you, our valued members! After careful consideration we have decided to partner with a platform called Volunteer Connector.

We are excited to bring this decision to you all, as Volunteer Connector has been designed for the sector by the sector. We love the original GoVolunteer – but as you know it isn’t as user friendly as we would like it to be and it’s getting a bit outdated. So, this transition will ensure you have the very best tool to recruit volunteers!

Here are the reasons we’re most excited about Volunteer Connector

  • You will have access to analytics for your posts to see which ones are receiving the most engagement
  • The site is user friendly both for organizations and for volunteers
  • Volunteer Connector was created and is run by a Canadian not-for-profit volunteer centre, Propellus, that understands both the not-for-profit and volunteer experience

Key Dates for you to know

We are working to make this transition as smooth as possible for you. You’ll have four weeks to transfer over to the new platform.

  • March 18-onwards: We’ll begin exporting all data from Govolunteer.ca to transfer over to Volunteer Connector including profile and volunteer postings. You’ll receive a notification when you can go into your new profile to look around and make any updates that you like.
  • Mid April: Launch of the new Govolunteer.ca landing page that links to Volunteer Connector (dates to be confirmed soon).


We‘ve created an FAQ below to help cover key questions, but please to contact us if you have further questions or concerns. We’re happy to connect!

What will happen to Govolunteer.ca?

We will be adapting Govolunteer.ca into a landing page that has a portal to Volunteer Connector, so the volunteers who currently google “Govolunteer” or search “www.govolunteer.ca” will still be directed to your posts. This also allows us to maintain the web traffic of the one million page views we receive each year.

My organization is actively recruiting volunteers, how do I ensure my postings stay live?

If you are actively recruiting volunteers please keep using Govolunteer.ca as usual. Once you receive an email with instructions on how to transition, we encourage you to do this by early April. So, there will be period of time where your postings are duplicated on both sites. Once the switch to Volunteer Connector happens, volunteers will be directed to the postings on Volunteer Connector.

What will happen to my profile and volunteer postings?

We will be exporting all data including your profile information and volunteer postings from Govolunteer.ca. We will be sharing this with you and providing instructions on how to get set-up in Volunteer Connector.

What do volunteers need to know?

Volunteers can still go to Govolunteer.ca and they will get redirected to Volunteer Connector. They will also have the option to create an account on Volunteer Connector to keep track of their volunteer roles.

What will stay on Govolunteer.ca?

We will be creating a portal to Volunteer Connector and volunteerism resources.

Will this transition bring any additional costs?

No, there are no costs to you as a not-for-profit in this transition, posting volunteer positions on Volunteer Connector is free.
You can choose to purchase a volunteer management subscription for $10 a month within Volunteer Connector but it is completely optional, (there will be free trial option if you are curious to test it out). This option gives you some functionality to manage your volunteers through a scheduling tool within the platform.

Can I sign-up for Volunteer Connector without a membership?

Yes, for full transparency you can sign-up for Volunteer Connector without a Volunteer Burnaby membership. But we encourage you to stay on as a member to maximize your experience on the platform. Being a member as it’s the best way to get any BC specific updates, resources, and news related to Govolunteer.ca. Volunteer Burnaby will have access to analytics for the province and we’ll be able to give you tips on how to improve the reach and engagement of your posts. Your membership also supports Volunteer Burnaby’s ability to maintain Govolunteer.ca and direct BC volunteers to your postings. We get one million page views on Govolunteer.ca every year and have seen so many members connect with incredible volunteers. Volunteer Burnaby’s membership also is a great way to stay up to date on sector news, funding updates, and we provide opportunities for members to voice their priorities and concerns for BC’s not-for-profit sector.

Again, please reach out if you have any questions. We’re happy to support!