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Join us – Volunteer BC & BCACG Conference for Non-profits, Charities & Volunteers. Everyone welcome! Attend our event aimed at helping you move forward and adapt to a post-pandemic world.

Date: October 13 & 14, 2022
Location: Executive Hotel Vancouver Airport, Richmond, BC
Fees:$200 (Member) | $300 (Non-Member)
Registration fee includes: All sessions, breakfast, lunch, coffee & refreshments.

Discount code will be emailed to all members.
Want the discounted Member Rate? Save $ and sign-up for a Volunteer BC Membership.
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*The safety & wellness of attendees is our top priority. All current provincial COVID-19 protocols will be followed.
Latest News, Grants & Awards
Look Who’s Speaking Conference Video
Meet our speakers at this year’s conference. We are working hard to finalize the list of speakers, so stay tuned!
​​​​New Precedent: Ontario class action settlement reclassifies volunteers as employees
An Ontario court has approved a settlement between individuals who led guided travel tours for students and the for-profit company that organized the tours. The individuals argued that they were misclassified as volunteers while performing paid employee work.
New BC Stats: Want to learn more about what the charitable and nonprofit sector looks like in your corner of the country?Imagine Canadareleased the latest BC Charitable & Non-Profit Stats
Have you heard about the Resiliency and Recovery Grant – for organizations impacted by the pandemic.
This new fund is through a partnership between Government of BC, Vancouver Foundation & United Way BC. Deadline September 30, 2022.funding1.jpg
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VMPC is now accepting nominations for the 2022 Impact Awards – recognizing the work of volunteer engagement professionals in Canada and are sponsored by Better Impact. More details here.

Board Profile

Help us be a stronger voice for volunteerism in BC. 

Burnaby Voting Mail Ballot Guide

A Volunteer’ Story: Jeff Scheffel

It is National Volunteer Week and its time to recognize Empathy in Action! This year we want to share with you the story of one of our Board Members, Jeff Scheffel. Jeff joined Volunteer Burnaby as a summer staff member in 2012, where he went on to become our Community Developer until 2018. 10-year slater, Jeff is now a member of our board.

Outside of Volunteer Burnaby Jeff has been coaching ice and ball hockey since 2015.He continues to coach to this day. His dedication to helping his community knows no bounds and his story shows how volunteerism can foster growth and life-lasting connections in your community. Thank you for your service, Jeff!

“Burnaby is the place that I am proud to call home. It is a special community that has given me so many great memories over the years. Whether it is walking with my mom around Burnaby Lake, sitting through lectures at SFU, or lugging a hockey bag over my shoulder at Kensington Arena, there are spots all over town that never fail to bring a smile to my face. Because of my fondness for my community, I treat volunteerism as a responsibility above all else. This is not to say that other reasons for volunteering are not admirable or important. Volunteering is an incredible way to develop skills, make social connections, and to foster one’s own interests. But, for me, I seek out volunteer opportunities to help ensure that members of my community can have the same positive experiences and memories that I had growing up. I hope that all of you can take the time during national volunteer week to reflect on why it is that you volunteer and use that as motivation to keep giving back whenever you can!”

For more information on how you can begin your volunteer journey in your community visit

Volunteer Connector Step-by Step Guide for Organizations

Create an Organizations Profile:

You can start using the VolunteerConnector and begin recruiting volunteers right away by following the steps below:

Create a Profile for your Volunteer Organization 

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on VolunteerConnector
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Fill out the quick form. If you don’t have quick access to your charitable registration number just enter “Volunteer Burnaby Member” in the proof of Non-Profit Status field.
  5. Check your email to confirm registration 
  6. Create your password and log onto your Organization Dashboard 
  7. Fill in the Organization Profile
  8. Add Administrators
  9. Once you have created an Organizational Profile, you can begin recruiting Volunteers. To create a Volunteer Posting: 
  10. Go to your Organization Dashboard (if you are not still on it)
  11. Click on ‘Create New Posting’ 
  12. Fill in the volunteer posting template – make sure to check out the tips on the side of the template to create the most attractive posting.
  13. Activate Posting or Click on Publish Later
  14. Wait to hear from interested community members

Volunteer Burnaby Virtual YouTube Series @volunteerburnavy

The Volunteer Burnaby Virtual Series is a collection of online performances, webinars, and tutorials created by Burnaby’s volunteers! Tune into our YouTube channel every week for new and exclusive content here

If you are interested in submitting content for the VB Virtual Series or any other volunteer opportunities and would like more information, please contact us at

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