It is National Volunteer Week and its time to recognize Empathy in Action! This year we want to share with you the story of one of our Board Members, Jeff Scheffel. Jeff joined Volunteer Burnaby as a summer staff member in 2012, where he went on to become our Community Developer until 2018. 10-year slater, Jeff is now a member of our board.

Outside of Volunteer Burnaby Jeff has been coaching ice and ball hockey since 2015.He continues to coach to this day. His dedication to helping his community knows no bounds and his story shows how volunteerism can foster growth and life-lasting connections in your community. Thank you for your service, Jeff!

“Burnaby is the place that I am proud to call home. It is a special community that has given me so many great memories over the years. Whether it is walking with my mom around Burnaby Lake, sitting through lectures at SFU, or lugging a hockey bag over my shoulder at Kensington Arena, there are spots all over town that never fail to bring a smile to my face. Because of my fondness for my community, I treat volunteerism as a responsibility above all else. This is not to say that other reasons for volunteering are not admirable or important. Volunteering is an incredible way to develop skills, make social connections, and to foster one’s own interests. But, for me, I seek out volunteer opportunities to help ensure that members of my community can have the same positive experiences and memories that I had growing up. I hope that all of you can take the time during national volunteer week to reflect on why it is that you volunteer and use that as motivation to keep giving back whenever you can!”

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